Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department
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Welcome to the Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department Web Page!
The purpose of this Web Site is to post timely information of interest to the families living in the Fire Service Area as well as to the men and women Volunteers who make the Department work.
Open burning is closed for the fire season.
A vacancy now exists for the job of Administrator for the Fire Department. If you have a little spare time and would like to do a community service to help our dedicated group of Firemen, please call Chairman of the Board Matt Knox at 244-5028, or Fire Chief Doug Hall at 244-5213. You may also leave us an e-mail HERE. We need your help!
GPVFD needs volunteers! Need is especially great in Bear Creek and Clearwater/Sperry Grade, where our long-range plans call for small satellite stations to serve those areas. You can be a Fireman (structural and wild-land), a Medical Emergency First Responder ... or BOTH! This is an important, worthwhile activity, and a real service to our community. For more information, call any of the officers listed here, or send an e-mail to Chief Hall.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT EMERGENCY PERSONAL BE ABLE TO LOCATE YOU IN AN EMERGENCY! In an emergency, good directions are critical. "Past the blue house over the hill on the left of the brown house" just doesn't hack it! Proper road signs and house number signs can help us find you and your house anytime day or night to render aid. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HOME ADDRESS AND STREET SIGNS IN YOUR AREA.

Home signs are easy! We can make them for you ... just call the Firehouse and leave your name, home address, and your phone number. Or, you can send us an e-mail with the same information. We ask for a $5.00 donation for each sign.

Home address numbers are assigned by the County Survey Office at the County Court House. Street names must be approved by the County Survey Office so that there are no duplications. If you have an approved street name, you can contact GPVFD for a street sign also; we have some funding available for installation of street signs.
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