About Us

The Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department is 100% volunteer that provides fire, rescue, and medical services to the communities of Potomac and Greenough, Montana. The Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department provides both fire and medical services to an area of about 177 square miles. This area begins at mile marker 10 on Highway 200 near Johnsrud, and extends East to Missoula and Powell County line. It runs from the Nine-Mile Prarie on the North to the crest of the Garnet Mountains to the South. Within this area there are approximately 620 residences.

We are not a FIRE DISTRICT, in a fire district an evaluation is made of the total value of properties within the district, and then a mill levy is established to determine how much each property owner pay in property taxes to support. Those with larger holdings pay more than those with smaller holdings.

Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department is a FIRE SERVICE AREA. In a fire service area a fixed fee is established for particular units within a designated area. Our units are 'resident' and 'business'. The fee for a resident, regardless of type and size, is currently $60.00 per year, and this includes all out-buildings on the residential property. The current fee for a business is $100.00 per year, and we define a business as a place where the public enter to transact business.

The Greenough Potomac Fire Department is governed by a five member Board of Trustees. Each member is elected to the Board by the public to serve a three-year term. The department is managed by a Fire Chief appointed by the Trustees.

Our department finances its operation through the assessment of fees. The Missoula County Commissioners established this Department in 1993, under Montana Cod 7-332401 (Fire Service Area). The department then became, and still is, and entity of Missoula County.

Chief Ryan Hall 406-544-3034